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What exactly is a Digital Creator? Well, it means this...I am an experienced photographer, video producer, and content creator that loves helping small businesses tell their stories and amplify their messages through engaging and dynamic digital content.  I'm obsessed with utilizing my passion for photography to assist companies with voicing their mission and strengthening their connection with their customers. As a photographer with over 15 years of production, content creation, and marketing experience, I enjoy growing brands in the digital age. 


Earlier in my career, I started out as an actress and after working on film and TV sets I realized there was something that sparked within me to learn more about what goes on behind the lens. Storytelling with imagery became my passion. In 2011, I went full-time freelance as a photographer and videographer and threw myself into working with various businesses helping them with content creation. Of course, I had the pleasure of photographing weddings and families with my photography business Images in Play, but soon realized I wanted more out of my craft.

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My expertise is in content creation and strategy, utilizing content through various social media and digital marketing campaigns to build audiences and develop brands. Most of the time I work with small businesses to help them find their voice in this digital world while staying true to who they are and their goals as a company. When a larger-scale project arises, I adapt by collaborating with other creative professionals to achieve a project's need. My photography style is documentary with a focus on being clean, modern, and vibrant.  


While I am a freelancer, I am also a Media Specialist with the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources. I have been able to help shape their look and brand with my photo and video work. My work with (DWR) has won national awards, been featured on magazine covers, and is pretty much all over the internet.


I am blessed to get to express my creativity in this digital world we live in and look forward to helping tell your story next.

-Meghan Marchetti

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